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I started baking just for work parties. I found baking gave me an escape and came very naturally for me. I would give Boom fondant to entertain himself while I baked, he used it like edible playdough. One day a couple of women from my office pulled me aside and asked how they could help me bake fulltime because they thought I could make a career out of it. I was a single Mom and extra income for Daycare was a bonus, from there Mybittersweets was born. The name was supposed to be Bittersweets but that was taken, lol. My first Celebrity clients were Calvin Johnsons (brothers graduation cake) and Housewives of Atlanta. My Bittersweets was named after myself (called Sweets)  and Bittersweets chocolate. My corporate client list soon expanded along with my NFL & NBA client list. My favorite moment was seeing a demo cookie I made for FedEx literally put on some FedEx delivery trucks for the Holiday season. I enjoy cooking with my kiddie, baking, DIY crafts, reading and the quiet moments that I can take my lashes off. I don't like being in front of the camera so you may see my product, but not me.


With each passing day, "Mybittersweets" and 
"Cooking with the Boom" both gain more support , and with that, even more success. I am thankful for every person that floats by with a kind word. This is my path and I thank everyone that has helped us along the way.

Chef Nic 

AKA Booms Mom

oh and Jaden is "cake" in my slogan. I ate a lot of cake when I was pregnant so my older brother said I should name my baby cake, so I did , lol

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